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Blues LtdIn 1962, I heard The Beatles’ “Love me Do" for the first time on Radio Luxembourg. It was a life changing moment - I knew then that I didn't just want to listen to rock bands, I wanted to be in one. 

I formed my first band at 15, playing lead guitar and vocals. I switched to bass guitar a year later when Steve Porter asked me to join him in The Pioneers. To my surprise, I loved playing bass and have done ever since.

band_2_homeOver the years I have had the privilege of meeting and playing with many wonderful, talented people. This website was built as a “thank you” to all of them, and I hope the photos and memorabilia bring back happy memories. Whether we played together, or you are a friend or follower of any of the bands, please check out the photo galleries, downloads and video links on the site - people who say nostalgia isn’t what it used to be are wrong!

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roseDedicated to Sheila (1950-2010)...

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