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“My parents and my lecturers could never understand
 Why I gave it up for music, and the free electric band”

Free Electric Band - Albert Hammond

The Band:


Giff Wright, vocals
Steve Porter, lead guitar and vocals
Dave Stephen, bass guitar
Paul Barnes, rhythm guitar
Ron Barnes, drums



The Pioneers

Sometime in 1965, Steve Porter asked me if I would switch to bass and join a Thorpe Bay group he had joined called The Pioneers.
We copied the Stones’ look with leather waistcoats, bought at David's in Southend High Street. I obviously felt the need to adopt a Bll Wyman style of playing.
Ron Brown and Paul Barnes left the group at the end of 1965 to concentrate on their studies (unlike Steve and me who skived our way through 6th form) to be replaced by Mike (née Mick) Wade and Paul Dunning. We desperately wanted to change our name at this point but "The Pioneers" tag lingered on for another 12 months.....

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The Pioneers

The Pioneers

The Pioneers

The Pioneers

The Phantoms

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