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 "She was just seventeen, you know what I mean,
  and the way she looked, was way beyond compare..."

   I Saw her Standing There - The Beatles

The Band:

Gifford Wright, vocals
Stephen Porter, lead guitar & backing vocals
Paul Dunning, rhythm guitar
Dave Stephen, bass guitar & backing vocals
Mike Wade, drums & vocals




Sight & Sound on mp3


come on up - young rascal’s hit


baby please do something - from the spencer davis group


pictures of lily - the who

The testosterone years! Paul Dunning and Mike Wade replaced Paul and Ron and The Pioneers eventually became Sight & Sound. 
Mike and Paul each brought something extra to the band besides their playing - Mike could sing great falsetto backing vocals, and Paul had a gorgeous black, ex-police demo Ford Zephyr, reg. no. JWC 999  - a real passion wagon, whose potential was sadly seldom realised.

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Sight & Sound

Sight & Sound

London Uniiversity

London University

Sight & Sound

Essex Yacht Club

Backing vocals

The Drummer

Sight & Sound

Practising backing vocals

Ford Zephyr 6

Local Gigs The local yacht clubs - Alexandra, Thorpe Bay, Essex and Benfleet - provided some of our favourite gigs. Benfleet’s barge had a wonderful steamy atmosphere. 
Other local venues included the Top Rank ballroom, The Kursaal and Barking Power Station social club. When we couldn't get a gig, we'd run our own dance in a local church hall or community centre (see posters and tickets gallery below).
By 1968 we were playing London venues including London University and The Witch Doctor Club in Catford.

The West Country Tours  We toured Cornwall in both 1966 and 1967. In ‘66, we couldn't afford accommodation so we camped the whole time. Our eternal thanks to Mel who persuaded her folks to let us store our gear in their house, and Diane, whose dad let us watch the 1966 World Cup Final with him.

Time out at the beach

St Agnes

Sight & Sound & friends

Wishful Thinking

Frithelstock Stone

Frithelstock Stone hall

St Agnes (1999)

St Agnes (1999)

One memorable gig was a beach bbq at St Agnes for their Surf and Life Saving Club. We set up on the promenade above the beach outside Davy Jones’ Locker beach cafe where we dined most of the week on pasties and chips (it's still there but is now a bistro). 
In 1967, we played the Blue Lagoon, Newquay, with The Mike Cotton Sound and Wishful Thinking. Ex jazz-man Mike Cotton was playing great soul music then, fronted by vocalist “Lucas” (aka Bruce MacPherson Lucas). Check them out at:

Poster (1965)


Poster - Barking Power Station (1965)

Poster (1965)

Poster (1965)


Business Card


Tickets & Posters
A selection of posters and tickets, business card and a set list of 1968 vintage! The name on most items is still The Pioneers although the line up is Sight & Sound.

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