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"The music's playing, the notes are right,
  Put your left foot first and move into the light"

Dance on a Volcano - Genesis

The Band:

James Kelly, guitar and vocals
John Kent, lead guitar and vocals
Dave Stephen, bass guitar & backing vocals
Den Ratcliff, drums
Mike Jackson, tenor sax




It’s 1991 and Mike Gibbs (may his tribe increase) decides to liven up office life by organising a rock concert in aid of Comic Relief. The 14 volunteers formed 3 separate bands and after a few rehearsals we played on Red Nose Day to over 200 wildly enthusiastic colleagues.
We enjoyed it so much that a few weeks later, James, John, Den and I met for our first proper rehearsal. 3 months on we were ready to hit the road. Mike Jackson joined us on sax in 1992.
Oh, in case you’re wondering, the band’s name comes from that song in Jaws about bow-legged women. Apparently it's very popular in Australia....

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Red Nose Day  The concert for Comic Relief was a great success so Mike ran another in 1992. By this time we were a “working band”, playing pubs around Camden and

Tuning up

Red Nose Day 1991

Red Nose Day 1991

Red Nose Day 1991

Red Nose Day 1992

Mike Gibbs


First gig

The Captain Cook

The Captain Cook

Break for the Border

Break for the Border

Break for the Border

Heres to Swimmin set list

Cassette sleeve

London gigs  Photos from two of our favourite gigs: The Captain Cook in Acton High Street (an Aussie pub), and Break for the Border, a Mexican restaurant off Charing Cross Road. Our biggest gigs were annual corporate balls with audiences of around 400. 

from the here’s to swimmin’ catalog:


dont lie to me - tampa red blues


looking back - john mayall’s bluesbreakers from 1966


The Captain Cook: live recordings are available on CD and on DVD. Other studio recordings are also available on CD. Contact me for details.

at the cap’n cook - “treat her right”

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